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Drop Ceiling in Bloomfield Hills

A dropped ceiling is a second ceiling that is installed below the actual ceiling, and is typically a series of square panels supported by a grid system. At Atkins Drywall Inc., dropped ceiling installation is a service we provide often in Bloomfield Hills. We get this request mostly for the purpose of hiding piping, wiring, or ductwork, but also for aesthetic reasons. For hundreds of years, dropped ceilings, sometimes referred to as suspended ceilings, have been utilized as a way to cover unsightly infrastructure. These days, they are a popular interior design trend among homeowners and business owners.

Whether for practical or decorative purposes, you can count on the professionals at Atkins Drywall Inc. As a leading drywall company in Bloomfield Hills, we have extensive experience installing dropped ceilings. Every member of our team is licensed and bonded, allowing us to install suspended ceiling systems of any size.

Suspended Ceiling for Basements

Most homeowners talk about the idea of transforming their basement into a livable space, but never put the plan into action because the idea seems like too much of an undertaking. With the ease of installation, a dropped ceiling can streamline the remodeling process, turning a potentially stressful ordeal into an exciting experience. Even without making over other aspects of your basement, such as your flooring, a dropped ceiling can breathe new life into your basement by easily hiding plumbing and cabling.

Design Options

White panels are what most people think of when dropped ceilings come to mind. Dropped ceilings are available in a broad range of styles, textures, and colors. Our experts will gladly help you weigh the possibilities by showing you options that suit your decorating style and price point. Speaking of price points, we realize that everyone’s financial situation is different, and we take our client’s budget very seriously. Our goal is to surpass the expectations of each our clients by extending affordable installation services, without compromising quality.

Benefits of Dropped Ceilings

Beyond aesthetics, dropped ceilings bring other advantages, including:

  • Highly economical renovation option
  • Allows easy access to piping and wiring
  • Allows easy lighting and ceiling fan installation
  • Provides sound proofing qualities
  • Available in wood, plastic, and fiber

Professional, Reliable Installers

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are jobs that any homeowner is a capable of taking on. Your ceiling isn’t one of them. While the internet provides DIY instructional videos that make dropped ceiling installation look like a breeze, an improper installation can lead to issues with your electrical or plumbing systems, which could mean a hefty bill. Why risk it? With Atkins Drywall Inc. by your side, your suspended ceiling project will be completed to the highest industry standards, on time and within budget.

If you are in the Bloomfield Hills area and eager to get started on your home improvement project, give us a call if you are looking to get the ball rolling on your remodel. We will gladly schedule an onsite evaluate to determine the best plan of action.